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2022 Kodiak Club Volleyball Season is Kicking Off

Hello Everyone!

Our 2022 club season is underway! We are starting our first practice tomorrow Sunday, December 5th (see practice times below). Below is some information about the teams, practices and upcoming season!

What is club?

Club volleyball is an club sport under the umbrella of ERVA (evergreen region volleyball association.

Developmental program for our high school and surrounding community.

Why we created a club?

  • To keep our high school volleyball team competitive

  • Every school/region has one

  • Our girls get to play together year round and it makes a huge difference!

  • Developmental time, developmental time, developmental time.

  • We created it to not interfere with other sports! We promote multi-sport athletes!

  • To make it affordable - it’s thousands of dollars to play anywhere else


U12 (6th) coached by Mandy Cortez

U14 (7th and 8th) coached by Kacey O'Brien

U16 (9th and 10th) coached by Chelsea Murphy

U18 (11th and 12th) coached by Ashley Coffin

Practice Times:


U12s and U14s practice from 2-4pm at CHS Main Gym

U16s and U18s practice 4-6 at CHS Main Gym


No U12s on Wednesdays!

U14 7:30 (after basketball finishes)-9:30pm in the CHS Aux Gym

U16 & U18 7:30 (after basketball finishes)-9:30pm in the CHS Main Gym

What to expect for the first practice

  • Please go to the website, click "Register" in red and follow the instructions via email to complete all the forms on your athlete portal.

  • If you need help or have questions please come to the first practice any ways and your coaches can help you!

  • Bring court shoes and wear athletic clothes!

  • Your coaches will start practice with some basic expectations for practices and we'll quickly get started playing!

  • Come as you are! Club is all about developing you as a volleyball player, leader and teammate. There is no need for you to have any prior experience or coaching - we will meet you wherever you are!

What does the season look like?

  • Practices start in December and we usually practice through their last tournament which is usually the end of March or early April.

  • Every team usually attends 3-5 local/regional tournaments - they all take place on Sundays!

  • They are a full day event - usually kids play 4-6 matches in a day!

  • Team carpooling can be arranged!


  • U12 athletes - $100

  • U14, U16, U18 - $250 + $60 ERVA membership (our region's governing body)

Scholarships to play

We have lots of scholarship opportunities for kids to play! If you're interested in any please contact our club director!

If you think your kid is interested or you have any questions please email or come to our first practice! Can't wait to see you there!

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