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Frequently Asked Questions


Player Expectations

  • Expectations are high!

  • Have goals and start this season with a “why”. Decide why you want to be here and write down goals you have for yourself

  • This season is an opportunity to grow. We’re here to mentor that growth and make sure we make this experience as beneficial for you as possible. Please be open and communicate to your coaches if there is something you need from us to make this experience more worthwhile for you - i.e. extra time, advice, new team drills.

  • Commitment - understand that missing practices and tournaments affects your progress but also your teammates and players

  • Be a good teammate - everyone is learning and growing as a volleyball player - be all your players biggest supporters. Also use this time to grow off the court. Genuinely look out for each other and treat each other with kindness and support

  • Punctual - Be 10 minutes early to all practices and on time for all other events.

  • Be coachable - listen, acknowledge and respect your coaches and their input. If they’re giving you feedback it’s a good thing - stay patient.

  • You represent Kodiak Club everywhere you go. What you do and say at all times on and off the court represents you but also the club, your teammates, your parents, your school. 

  • Give your full effort at all times. Coaches are looking for girls that work hard and make the people around them better. 

  • Be competitive. It’s the coach's job to implement drills and competitions into practice to simulate drills. But it’s your job to be competitive. 

  • It’s your job as an athlete to communicate directly with your coach if you’re ever sick or can’t attend practice. If you have any concerns or questions always go straight to the coach with any issues.

  • Concussion forms must be filled out before practice begins.

  • Two practices must be attended each week, as well as scheduled team tournaments. Practices begin in December and end after the last tournament, usually the first week of April. In-season athletes (including IRMS/CHS) must participate on Sundays (practice or tourney).

  • Players are required to stay until all teams are done and their site has been cleaned up prior to leaving a tournament.

  • Players are required to become members of USAV, and abide by all of the USAV guidelines and codes of conduct.

  • Participation at the Scoring/Referee Clinic administered by ERVA is mandatory.

  • Players may use only positive verbal and physical behavior towards their teammates, their opponents, coaches, and officials. If a player is having difficulty with another player, they must make every effort to work the problem out and resolve the issue, or they must consult their coach for assistance in dealing with the problem.

  • Players must come to practice prepared to start on time, work hard at improving their skills during practice, and stay focused to make the best use of their limited time during practices.

  • All players are expected to help set up and take down the volleyball equipment both before and after each practice and tournament.

  • Each athlete and their parent will agree with the rules and regulations of the program.  An athlete, or parent, who willfully performs an act, which interferes with or is detrimental to the orderly operation of the program, shall be subject to discipline, suspension, or expulsion.


Parent Standards and Expectations

  • Make athletic participation for your player and others a positive experience.

  • Try to relieve the pressure of competition, not increase it.  

  • Be a role model of good sportsmanship for your player and other young athletes.

  • Do not criticize your player’s teammates on or off the floor.

  • Show proper respect for all opponents.  

  • Respect officials, even when you disagree or feel they have made a mistake. REMEMBER:  Your coach and player will also be officiating.

  • Accept the results of each game and encourage your player to be gracious in victory and turn defeat into a learning experience by focusing on improvement.

  • Be kind to and respectful of your player’s coaches.

  • Team placement & playing time is the decision of the coach & director.

  • If you wish to discuss your player’s status with the coach, make an appointment to do so. Never confront a coach, or attempt to discuss your player’s playing time, team role, or other aspects of their participation while at a tournament.  

  • Be positive. The attitude shown by you at home and at games, toward team members and coaching staff, influences your player’s values and behaviors in sports and in life. 


Parent Assistance Requirements

  • Pay fees ON TIME.  We are a small club operating on a tight budget. We rely on fees as a big part of our operating costs.  

    • USAV membership must be completed before the first practice.  

    • KCV fees must be paid before December 31. If fees are not paid by the dates above, athletes will not participate in tournaments.  

  • Parents are responsible for their child’s lodging, food, and transportation to out-of-town tournaments.  KCV encourages team parents to work together on any necessary transportation, food and lodging arrangements. 

  • Deliver and pick up players on time.  Coaches have to wait for all players to be picked up after practice, and late arrival to games and practices cause disruption and potential for disqualification at tournaments.  Scheduled practice time is the START TIME, not arrival time.



  • Tournaments generally begin at 8:00 a.m. and can last until 4 p.m. or later, depending on how far the team progresses in the tournament.  A team usually plays three matches in pool play. Then, depending on how well they do, will enter either a consolation bracket or a championship bracket in a single elimination format. In bracket play, teams continue to play as long as they win.  Players are to remain at the facility throughout the day, not leaving to get food, shop, etc. When a team loses in bracket play, they are required to referee the next match, and the whole team must stay at the facility until that responsibility is completed.

  • To prepare for tournament day, parents should know directions to the gym, take care that their player is well nourished and rested the day before, and pack plenty of food and fluids for the day of the tournament. Most players bring a blanket and pillow to rest between matches. Parents should bring a folding chair with them; not all gyms have seating available. 

  • Dates/Times - TBD.

Cost (TBD)

  • What is included in the cost?  Facility and Equipment use, Head and Assistance Coach compensation, Tournament Entry Fees, Administrative and Operating Costs.


  • What is not included in the cost? Spirit Gear, Knee pads, Black Spanks, Athletic Shoes, Travel/hotel, and food expenses for tournaments.


  • We welcome volunteers for all tournaments and season fundraisers.  If you are interested in volunteering please reach out to



  • We love and appreciate our sponsors!  If you are interested in sponsoring KCV, please reach out to




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